Blue Monday?


Mineral Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Are you feeling a bit tired after the weekend? Your body and skin will def tell you some signs of dehydration as well!

Here are 10 steps to naturally hydrate your skin:
1. Cleanse &
2. Exfoliate
3. Hydrate and moisturize
4. Apply a hydrating face mask (Sorbet has a new mask called ‘Mineral Hydrogel Sheet Mask’ for intense hydration, packed with sea minerals and collagen and is just amazing!!!)
5. Treat dry spots with serums or creams
6. Hydrate your hands and feet
7. Use a humidifier at home
8. Drink plenty of water
9. Mist your skin with rose water several times a day (very easy to make yourself)
10. Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption

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